"Acoustic Doom haunts the forested mountains of New England, where Forever Autumn has its home. It's been just over a year since the release of 'Patience Of ðm Fire-Keeper', which remains one of my most profoundly-loved albums of recent memory. Winter, ironically, rather than Autumn, is its season, and so it seemed absolutely the right time to find out more about band founder Autumn Ni Dubhghaill's times and spaces and future plans, and she was happy to share some of those with us." 

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"Recommended listening; in the Autumn, at Dusk, in a deserted forest."                                                                                 -Shroud of Woe

"It is grey here, and cold, with the lowering skies leaking melancholy frozen tears; whether shaped by regret, or pain, or simple loneliness, they fall endlessly to an earth bounded with shapeless mists broken and pierced by the stark, black bones of trees..."

Celebrating ten years since the original recording of Waiting for Öktober, the MMXVI anniversary edition contains new recordings as well as being remixed and remastered. Own a copy of this ground-breaking album and find your way to another world. Hail Woodland Sorcery!!

"Once again, Forever Autumn's Acoustic Doom is damn' near perfect, on its own terms, with the caveat that they may not be yours..."

Forever Autumn - Acoustic Doom

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A Sadness on Winter Leaving

a Forever Autumn musique video taken from the album ​Patience of the Fire-Keeper

"Elegant in its simplicity, fragile in its beauty..."   -Mike Liassides, Doom-Metal.com

"In Berkshire County, our neck of the woods can inspire a variety of creative impulses, indicated by the many artists who call this area their home. The appeal of the hills and forests is one that beckons with a sense of sanctuary. For Autumn Ni Dubhghail (pronounced “doov-yuh-h’ay-luh,” Americanized to “Doyle”) this spirit and inspiration primarily manifests itself in the feeling of doom..."